Terms and Conditions

To: Scancom Limited
By proceeding:

I, identified as the Applicant in this Form (or the person signing this Form in a Representative Capacity), confirm to MTN Ghana that I have full legal capacity and that I am duly authorised to contract and, having read and understood the Prospectus, hereby apply to become a Shareholder of MTN Ghana.

I acknowledge to MTN Ghana that I have been informed that various restrictions are imposed upon the Disposal and/or Encumbrance of MTN Ghana Shares as set out in paragraph xx of Part xx of the Offer Prospectus.

I undertake to MTN Ghana that, if MTN Ghana Shares are transferred to me, I will comply with the terms as set out in the Offer Prospectus and I confirm and agree in favour of MTN Ghana that I am and will be bound by the terms of the Offer. I understand that if I contravene these restrictions I may have action taken against me which may result in me losing any benefit which I would otherwise have had in my investment in MTN Ghana.

I acknowledge that MTN Ghana will rely on the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided and statements made by me when making its decision to accept this Form.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the terms of Offer as set out in the Offer Prospectus and agree and undertake that, with immediate effect from the date of acquisition of any MTN Ghana Shares, I will be bound by all of the provisions set out in [paragraph xx of the Prospectus] and all the terms thereof will be enforceable against me by MTN Ghana as from such date of such acquisition.

I agree that MTN Ghana is entitled to verify my details and that I am obliged to assist in such verification promptly when requested to do so.

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